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Employee Highlight: David Mendoza


Today we are highlighting another one of our Superintendents, David Mendoza. He joined Scott + Reid four years ago. He has worked with both our New Construction and Interiors, gaining a lot of valuable experience running a variety of projects.


A few fun facts about David:


What is the best project you’ve been involved with at Scott + Reid and why?


My Possibilities – To be a part of a growing organization that does so much for the HIPsters felt amazing.


What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?


It would have to be dropping everything at the age of 17 and moving to Canada for a record deal. Living in a different country, not knowing anyone, and trying to pursue a dream I had. It was an awesome and wild ride.


If you could go back to one historical event to witness it, what would it be and why?


The Apollo Program – I have always been fascinated by space and tech. To witness putting people on the moon would be awesome.


Would you rather… live without the Internet or live without AC and heating?


I would rather live without HVAC. The Internet drives the world today. I would feel lost and disconnected without it.


Thank you, David!