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Vinson & Elkins LLP

Vinson & Elkins is an international law firm and one of the largest law offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. When they sought a general contractor to refresh their 105,000-square-foot Dallas office located in iconic Trammell Crow Center, they selected Scott + Reid. The team worked closely with the tenant to plan the four-floor corporate restack to mitigate disruption to Vinson & Elkins’ normal business operations.

While the original intent divided the project into six or more phases, Scott + Reid was able to formulate a plan to renovate an entire floor at a time, which would allow crews to be onsite and working during normal business hours. Limiting after hours work and increasing the area under construction during each phase, the project team was able to trim time from the schedule and save the client money.

The design objective would update the traditional look and feel of the law office into a modern, transitional space. Private offices were situated along the perimeter, with administrative work areas centralized in the suite. The heavy use of glass at nearly all room and office fronts presented a significant challenge for the construction team. The specified Adotta demountable partition system is headquartered in Italy. In addition to the lead time of the product coming from overseas, the system has a strict tolerance for installation. As with most older properties, the 35-year old floors at Trammell Crow Center were out of level. To achieve the precisely flat surface standard required for this system, the entire floor plate had to be floated on each of the four floors; this was a significant cost impact to the project. Scott + Reid worked diligently to maximize the allocation of time and resources to ensure a proper install was accomplished. In addition, multiple conference rooms on each floor featured curved glass walls. Handling of the glass was delicate in design and execution. Exact radius measurements were required and the maneuvering of those pieces into the building and into place was done with calculated care.

While performing the original scope of work, new contracts were negotiated with Scott + Reid and a different architecture firm for an extensive conference center renovation and the addition of an employee retreat and attorney lounge. With more than 120 lawyers and associated staff, continuity of business in these common areas was of utmost concern to the client. Scott + Reid performed construction after hours and on weekends to ensure a minimum of four conference rooms remained functional at all times. The main focus of the conference center renovation was to update technology capabilities. Scott + Reid provided the infrastructure to allow the client’s vendors to install new equipment. Three new video walls were a focal point to the design, each wall 20-feet wide and 10-feet tall. In addition, one conference room was converted to a board room. Relocation of the room entrance required careful selective removal of bronze mirror wall paneling to protect the remaining product. Additional work performed at the conference center included new millwork, wallcovering and carpet.

Creation of the attorney lounge, an inviting place for team members to retreat and relax from a stressful day, incorporated a substantial use of premium custom millwork. Dark wood on the ceiling and floor, in addition to fumed eucalyptus wall panels, shelving unit, and window louvers deliver the warm environment the client desired. Antique satin bronze mirror panels utilized for the countertop island, serving bar and the door, blend the new construction to the existing aesthetic of the space.

Working under multiple contracts with multiple design firms, Scott + Reid successfully navigated the scope of work and led the teams to produce a capstone project for all involved. Vinson & Elkins’ new environment embodies their corporate culture and represents the vision that initiated this partnership.


2001 Ross Avenue

Floors 38-41

Dallas, TX 75201



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