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Vistra Energy - Scott+Reid - General Contractors
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Vistra Energy

Scott + Reid was hired to perform a three phase interior remodel for this client’s headquarters relocation. An extremely deadline driven project, each phase required completion in just 30 days.

Phase I consisted of renovation to three floors of restrooms, demolition of 10,000 square feet of office and conference rooms, and build back of five new conference rooms, a traders room and two huddle rooms. Controlling dust and noise within a three-story, open atrium facility was difficult but necessary for the successful completion of this phase.

Creation of a high end boardroom and new café were the critical components in Phase II. To meet the mandatory 30-day schedule, most design features and finishes required an early release and the spaces built according to dimension constraints from shop drawings. Architectural elements in the boardroom include floor-to-ceiling metal panels, wood baffles spanning the room with an acoustical plaster ceiling suspended below, built-in banquette seating, and specialty glass aligned with acoustical 3D wall panels. The café features a 6,000-square-foot open ceiling concept with duct work and exhaust fans strategically placed to provide a clean, symmetrical look. Suspended Microlite panels in the open area create a bright, colorful ceiling pattern. Banquette seating with built-in power and USB port connections at both café entrances provide the ability for a cross functional space. Specialty lighting, felt wallcoverings and Italian wall tiles are a few of the finishes that contribute to a fun and relaxing vibe.

Installation of a 1.5 megawatt generator was the final and most challenging phase; meeting the client’s need to transition the building from base emergency back-up to 24-hour emergency backup for the entire building’s operations. Accomplishing this feat required a concrete pad strong enough to support the size of the new generator. Experts were brought in to locate the base building utilities before construction of the massive 12-inch thick concrete pad began. The generator yard is supported by ten belled piers drilled and poured twenty-four feet down and within close proximity to the building support ten grade beams. Once the yard was in place, miles of 4-inch wide conduit was brought into the crawl space of the building. Connection of the new generator to the main switch was the final step. Main power to the building was intentionally interrupted and temporary generators brought in while the new feeders were pulled into the main transformer. For one week the building ran on temporary generators as the final connection between the ATS and Oncor transformer was made. The building was restored back to normal power with no evidence to building tenants that the main building power had been cut and reinstalled.

Since completion of the original scope of work, Vistra Energy has continued to contract with Scott + Reid for additional renovation projects.


6555 Sierra Drive

Irving, TX 75039



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