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Significant experience within Mandalay Towers led YPO, the premier global leadership organization for chief executives, to choose Scott + Reid for the build-out of their new 26,000-square-foot headquarters. A deep knowledge of the structure was instrumental throughout the project as the office space was located directly above the building’s grand foyer. The project team capitalized on their familiarity of the property to ensure no damage occurred to adjacent areas.

Small triangular mirrors form an impressive architectural backdrop to the reception desk. The delicate materials and pattern took two craft workers two days to carefully piece together. Use of DIRRT wall systems also required thoughtful planning to guarantee receipt of materials in time for the install. Other elements incorporated in the space include Lutron system controls, retractable walls and a custom lighting package.

A circular design for the conference rooms presented a couple of construction challenges. QuietRock, a sound-reducing drywall, was specified to create a high Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating in the rooms. The drywall and paint subcontractors attended specialized training to obtain certification to install the material appropriately in this application. After the product was in place, the need for A/V components not previously detailed challenged the team to find a find solution to meet the client’s needs without significant cost or deconstruction of work previously completed. Through careful planning and collaboration, the team elected to run the equipment through the lighting openings already in place and avoid major rework.

Use of daily notes sent electronically to the team ensured the client was aware of all activities onsite, even during frequent client business travel to Africa throughout the project. The finished outcome is a beautiful space reflective of their business.


225 East John Carpenter Freeway

Suite 500

Irving, TX 75062



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