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Ware Holdings

Scott + Reid was chosen to perform the interior finish-out for Ware Holdings’ new space within the historic Old Parkland campus in Dallas, Texas.

A first-floor location in the new building, Freedom Place, presented several unique benefits and complexities. As the first tenant in the corridor, they were able to finalize the design of the ornate wood entry doors to their suite and for future tenants in their area. However, the common areas of the building were already complete and furnished with wood flooring, rugs, artwork, and antiques, making entry and removal of construction material difficult. Additionally, the project team was working behind the prime general contractor, still focused on completing the base building, and in tangent with several other general contractors completing surrounding tenant spaces.  The project team was in constant communication to maintain access to the lease space and coordinate delivery of materials.

Natural light from the numerous oversized windows, coupled with a high sheen on the millwork and state-of-the-art lighting system creates a bright, airy atmosphere. Meticulously smooth walls were built to the highest degree of finish to serve as a backdrop to the client’s extensive art collection. All details were methodically pieced together in a firm, eight-week schedule, resulting in a sophisticated space indicative of the exclusive property wherein it resides.


4143 Maple Avenue

Suite 120

Dallas, TX 75219



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