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Scott + Reid – Panel of Experts – Women in Construction

Celebrating Women In Construction Week and International Women’s Day, the Dallas Business Journal included Scott + Reid’s VP of Human Resources, Annie Reid, in a panel on Women In Construction. Annie joined other industry experts to discuss ways in which construction companies can support and foster the growth of women in the industry. The insightful dialogue explored strategies to encourage young women to pursue careers in construction, emphasizing the importance of early exposure and diverse recruitment.

“Working with school districts to implement early career preparation programs can increase interest and participation. Information about various career opportunities within construction, such as business development, finance, and marketing, can broaden their understanding beyond field roles,” shared Reid.

And, how have the roles changed for women in the construction industry? “Historically, you would only see a woman at the front desk. Now, we see women in project management, marketing, accounting, and leadership roles. Exposure to different perspectives and personalities fosters growth, encouraging a desire for more diversity,” she added.
Read the full interview – “Panel of Experts: Women in Construction” in the Dallas Business Journal here.


photograph by: Dallas Business Journal