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Women In Construction Week 2021

women in construction


The focus of Women in Construction Week is to highlight women and their contributions to the field, while bringing awareness to the opportunities that exist in the industry. While construction is without a doubt a male-dominated field, the role and place for women is unquestioned. Scott + Reid’s workforce is 25% female, which is more than double the national average. Some of our women have known since they were little they would work in construction, while others stepped in temporarily, but loved it and never left. We asked our team a few more questions about their work and experience in the field. 


women in construction 2021


What do you love about your job?

Every individual has their own “favorite thing” in their role, but the overarching theme of responses was that the job is different every single day and constantly challenges you; there is an opportunity to learn something new daily! Finding a company that has a culture compatible with your desires makes it more fun to come to work every day. Other honorable mentions include collaboration, working with a variety of people, and, of course, seeing the end result of the projects we build! 


What advice would you give other women or younger women interested in working in construction?

First and foremost, the resounding answer is JUST DO IT! Another common piece of advice is to find someone to job shadow and that can be your mentor. Most importantly – Be Confident! A woman can do anything a man can do, do not let the field intimidate you. Find the resources and training necessary to provide the foundational education to the field. Step in and don’t look back – focus forward and keep an open mind for learning.   


Do you feel like you face any barriers in your role because you are a woman? What do you do combat that? 

Unfortunately, women in construction still can face outdated gender bias, but the great news is that is changing. Our women overcome any challenges they may encounter with knowledge! Being smart, confident, prepared, and working hard all help show others you are more than capable. Focus on executing your job and don’t spend time wondering about what anyone is thinking about it. Business is business and if you do it well, you will be recognized. It’s also good to keep a smile on your face… and some days, you just drink wine 😊 


women in construction week 2021 scott and reid


At Scott + Reid, every team member has a valuable place and contributes to the success of our organization. This week and always we are especially grateful for our Scott + Reid ladies and all they do to keep this machine moving forward!