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2024 Commercial Construction Trends

Communal space at Sherry Lane Place

Sherry Lane Place – this project of ours offers a mix of social and work spaces for every need


The Texas commercial construction market is a dynamic and vital sector that plays a crucial role in shaping the state’s economy. 2023 was a year of growth and stabilization for the industry: cost, supply, and industry specific needs are now much easier to navigate. A modestly strong pipeline is continuing in 2024, especially in Texas.


The 2024 Texas commercial construction market presents exciting opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration. As the state continues to thrive, stakeholders must adapt to changing dynamics and embrace technological advancements to stay competitive. 


Additionally, the commercial real estate sector is supported as offices are built to meet the new needs of companies and their employees. Designing workplaces that allow employees to work in a variety of capacities continues to be a driving force. This is accomplished through creating spaces around wellness, flexible workspaces, and capitalizing on and refreshing buildings with character.


Today, we’re sharing a few trends from some of our favorite collaborators and partners. 

Galatyn Commons – this Scott + Reid project created a mix of fun gathering spaces and communal areas 


  • TREND: Creating Exciting Workspaces



Gensler shared: “As more organizations understand that the workplace landscape has permanently changed, the focus will shift less on how many people come into the office and more on what the future of work looks like to support their people’s needs. In 2024, organizations will continue to plan for in-person experiences in spaces that are agile and flexible enough to evolve with the changing demands of the workforce and useful enough to earn people’s commutes.” 


What this means for Scott + Reid: We work with our clients to develop office spaces that clients, employees, and guests look forward to visiting by supporting their mental and physical health through entertainment, wellness areas, outdoor spaces, and more. 


fitness center at lincoln centre dallas

Lincoln Centre – spaces at our Lincoln Centre project were reimagined for use in creative ways – including dining options, fitness options, and more


  • TREND: Intentional Downsizing and Adaptive Reuse of Current Office Spaces 


DLR Group shared an article on the transition for many workspaces from hybrid work and how this changes layouts and uses for different offices. “Intentional downsizing and adaptive reuse of current office spaces allow companies to transform or scale back their currently leased space and create dedicated spaces for all types of work. From collaboration zones with open space, cafes and comfortable seating to unique focus areas with proper acoustics and the right lighting that allows them to focus without interruption, employees will find comfort in knowing that they have the space and amenities necessary to meet all their needs while in the office.” 


What this means for Scott + Reid: We see more intentional flexible work spaces that adapt to the needs of various types of workers – from private offices, to community areas, rooms for virtual meetings, and multi-use spaces. We work with clients to ensure the construction supports their desired goals. 


the crescent building lobby dallas, texas

The Crescent – Scott + Reid worked on this iconic building in Dallas, Texas – reimagining it for the future. 


  • TREND: Historic Preservation & Reimagination 


There is a prevalent trend to build in historical downtown areas or buildings – reimagining them for modern and future use. 


What this means for Scott + Reid: A historical building renovation is an exciting opportunity to refresh spaces with a storied past. We work diligently to preserve the history, while ensuring they are reinforced and updated for the future. 

Whether it’s a remodel or a new build, we look forward to incorporating one or all of these trends into our work this year and beyond.




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