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Scott + Reid on Mission Unstoppable

We are excited to finally share our part in Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove! Six months ago, this opportunity was presented to us through Lyda Hill Philanthropies in conjunction with our work at Pegasus Park. Mission Unstoppable is a nationally-televised, Emmy-nominated program that highlights strong women in different STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers in a fun, engaging way, to educate and encourage young female viewers to careers in STEM fields. Our very own Hannah Theriault and Jennifer Krieg are the stars of the construction segment, which was partially filmed on our Pegasus job sites.
Tune in to CBS Saturday, January 30th as Hannah and Jennifer, project engineers at Scott + Reid, show Erica Hernandez the excitement of a career in construction. We are so proud to see them not just knocking down walls, but breaking barriers – showing young females they too can build anything they want! Check your local listings for the exact time. We hope you enjoy the show!
Visit the Mission Unstoppable YouTube channel for clips from past episodes and awesome DIY experiments.