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Lantower Residential

Lantower Residential, a national real estate company with a focus on acquiring, financing, and managing multifamily communities, contracted Scott + Reid for the relocation of their corporate office to the fourth floor of the historic Dallas High School building, located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas. Originally built in 1907, the Dallas High School building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The project team worked closely with building ownership and the City of Dallas to ensure the 25,000-square-foot build-out adhered to the preservation guidelines mandated by the National Park Service.

The age and original use of the building presented a couple unique obstacles for the project team. Lack of a freight elevator for debris removal and delivery of large materials was overcome by removal of a window within the suite, providing clearance for a forklift using special attachments to load materials directly into the space and remove any waste. In addition, the National Park Service placed restrictions on infrastructure located in the ceiling, so the team ran all electrical and plumbing through the sleeper system underneath the flooring.

A unique component to the project was the installation of private offices using Maars glass systems and HAWA pivot doors. Imported from Europe, the doors had a long-lead time and required a certified installer. The project team managed a comprehensive schedule to mitigate disruption to the project timeline, while providing the specialty glass vendor access to the project site as needed. Additional scope of work included the creation of several conference rooms, a large breakroom with a coffee bar, and ancillary office spaces. A modern touch was brought into the classic space with specialty ceiling panels, acoustic paneling, custom millwork, unique light fixtures, and wood flooring.

The end result reflects Lantower Residential’s brand image of distinctive upscale characteristics and sophisticated interior design, while still honoring the architectural design elements found in the historic property.


2218 Bryan Street

Suite 400

Dallas, TX 75201



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